Children's School LogoBreakthrough Nursery & Primary School was established on 23rd September 1996 with 23 pupils in attendance on the first day of resumption, by the end of the first week, the number rose to 47 and by the half of the term, the school had over a hundred children as her bona fide pupils. The school has continued to grow steadily to the glory of God, supported by a dynamic working team of Christians who have the fear of God at heart.



Our Vision

"To train the child to walk in Christian virtues, morally, academically, and spiritually to become a total personality".


Our Mission

"To educate and prepare the child for a life of distinction through high-level instruction within the confines of academic excellence and spiritual training".


Our Objective

Breakthrough Nursery & Primary School is driven by a vision and passion to deliver on these objectives:

  • Raise a new breed of intellectually, morally and spiritually sound leaders in the mould of the biblical Daniel and Joseph
  • Help each child discover his/her purpose, and nurture his/her God-given talents to become productive and fulfilled citizens of Nigeria to the glory of God
  • Empower every child realize his/her unique nature, and develop an independent mind
  • Encourage each child to discover and actualize God's plan for his/her life in God's kingdom, the society and the world at large


Our Policy

In all that we do as an organization, we are guided by these policies:

  • To give the child qualitative and all round education, thereby making for excellence
  • To contribute our quota to the educational development of the society
  • To assist government in executing educational policies to achieve desired target
  • To create a mutual understanding and collaboration with our host community
  • To make moral instruction and the fear of God the bedrock of educational training of the child
  • To contribute spiritually and materially to the upkeep of the less-privileged in the society


School Anthem

Breakthrough School is a great institution in Ogun State of Nigeria
Arise O’ call to uplift Breakthrough School
Always rise unto your success
Discipline, punctuality and honesty is our watch word and we are proud of our glorious school (2ce)



Wisdom and Excellence.