Any candidate seeking admission into Breakthrough Nursery & Primary School is to obtain an Application Form from the office of the Bursar.

  • Obtain an Application Form from the office of the Bursar
  • Complete the form and return it to the venue of collection.
  • Sit for placement aptitude test.(PAT)
  • A prospective pupil is expected to score at least 50 percent in the placement aptitude test (PAT)
  • Successful candidate will be given an Admission Letter with other school requirements to be paid for or be purchased outside the school
  • On resumption, the successful pupil is expected to have paid his/her school fees in full to the appropriate quarter.









5 – 7, Church Street & 143 / 145,

Akute – Ajuwon Road, Adebayo B / Stop,

Enroute Ojodu – Akute Or Anwo B / Stop Enroute Ajuwon – Akute.

All Classes





 (1)  SATURDAY, 4th JUNE 2016

 (2)  THURSDAY, 4th AUGUST 2016


      Time: 9.00a.m. Prompt




To lessen the burden of shortage of essential textbooks on parents and to meet the needs of our pupils, books will always be available in the school for sale at reasonable prices.


  1. Pupils are expected to behave politely and show evidence of good breed at all times to all and sundry.
  2. Pupils in higher classes must be addressed as "Senior.................." and be treated with due respect.
  3. All Pupils should be present at all School Assemblies and Roll Calls.
  4. It is a very serious offence to cheat in examinations and tests.
  5. Stealing, however petty will be viewed with all seriousness, while it is an offence to bring huge sum of money to the school. No form of Banking and Finance is allowed in the school i.e. No borrowing, no lending or saving.
  6. On no circumstances should any pupil bring MOBILE PHONE to the school.

The Disciplinary Committee will punish all defaulters. All Breakthrough Nursery & Primary School Pupils are encouraged to live together in peace and harmony as members of the same family irrespective of Class, Creed and Religion. They should be pure in Thoughts, Words and Deeds.

Remember, "To Breakthrough, you, must be willing to go through"

Our Rules & Regulations

  • The school's morning assembly bell goes at 7.45a.m. Late coming is not allowed. The morning devotion as well as daily instructions given on the assembly ground is of vital importance to all – pupils and staff. Normal class ends at 4.00p.m except otherwise reviewed.
  • No loitering of any sort should be practiced in and around the school.
  • All pupils are to appear in school daily in their school uniform. Black shoe and black socks. Black belt for boys. All should appear neat, clean, tidy and smart. Flying of school shirt/blouse inside and outside the school compound is an offence. Always be conscious of your ideal and good dressing.
  • No pupil should be seen outside the school compound during the school hours except on official permission.
  • Pupils must attend all extra lessons (on Saturdays and Public holidays) fully kitted. (Complete uniform, socks, shoe and correct hair-do).
  • The followings are not allowed in the school and none of these should be found on any pupil at anytime:
    • Any type of dangerous weapons such as guns, knives, fire-arms, cutlass etc. either toy or real.
    •  Electronic items e.g. walk-man, radio cassettes, video games, mobile phones, programmable calculators, disc players and laptops.
    • Drugs and medicines of any kind except the one given by the school nurse.
    • Mufti wears.
    • Novel, comics and other related items that are not related to pupils course of study.
    • Pupils must not pay visits to friends in school uniforms nor visit other schools.
    • The school does not allow in any form of borrowing and lending or contributions and savings.
    • No student has any reason or excuse to engage in physical assault within or outside the school compound. All cases must be reported to the appropriate authority.