Welcome to Breakthrough Academy, a full Co-educational Christian School for Secondary School Boys & Girls (JSS1-3 & SSS 1-3).Graduating With Wisdom and Excellence

We are a member of Nigerian Red Cross Society, and Scout Association of Nigeria,and are blessed with a dynamic working team of Christians who have the fear of God. Breakthrough Academy lays much emphasis on the word of God through the teaching of spiritual prowess and everyday devotion including weekly staff fellowship.

We also give our students spiritual training through termly conferences conducted by great ministers of God. Breakthrough Academy cares about every child, and treats each as a unique individual. Working hand-in-hand with our precious parents, we inculcate in our students/pupils deep morals to value and care for every member of the society including the less privileged.

Our Name

The name of the School is "Breakthrough Academy". It is explained as follows:


To make new and important discoveries or an important piece of progress especially in research.


Is a School or College for special training. A citadel set up to deal with art or learning skills. Therefore, Breakthrough Academy means "a school where progress is made in learning".

Our Motto

The motto of the School is "Education is Light". We believe that God shall lighten the path of every stakeholder through effective educational system. The sky is beginning of our achievement in life.

Christian Value

Breakthrough Academy develops in each child a Christian character that will make him/her get closer to God in all things.

Breakthrough Academy also encourages the child to be humble and productive in his/her service to God and mankind.

Our Aim / Mission
  • To express our love for the young ones as we exhibit our obedience to our God-given vision.
  • To give students qualitative and all round education.
  • To assist Parents and Government in training the leaders of tomorrow by contributing our quota to the educational development of the society.
  • To eliminate/eradicate ignorance, superstition, fear and poverty.
  • To encourage students to aspire to the Zenith of their career.
  • To create job opportunities.
  • To assist Government in executing her educational policies and realize her goals.
  • To create mutual understanding and collaboration with our host community.
  • To contribute spiritually and materially to the upkeep of the less-privileged in the society