You are preciously welcome to Breakthrough Schools, a citadel of learning for Godly boys and girls, a school where excellent educational attainment, good morals and social behaviours towards every child becoming great and mighty in future is our bond.

A word for the young, but Mighty!

You are young but you can become great and mighty. To be great and mighty in life is not a function of age, educational qualification/s or family background. Rather, it is a function of your private walk with God that is, having personal knowledge of God. Your knowledge or walk with God will connect you to the source of might and greatness. Educational qualification works to achieve great success only when you walk with God.

God gives strength to all. He does not discriminate. With Him, anyone can experience might and greatness – Joash, Josiah, David, Joseph, Azariah, Jotham, Samuel, Daniel, etc. became great and mighty at young ages because God's plan encompasses all-little children, teenagers, youth and adults alike. Young boys / girls can be mighty; you can be used by God to do great and mighty works.

How can you go about being Mighty?

  1. Establish a walk with God
  2. Have a heart for God
  3. Be a vessel unto honour
  4. Be a Disciple

Great educational qualification/s plus Godliness makes young ones to become mighty.


School Co-ordinator